Protection fiable de la cargaison pour tous types de marchandises

Installé et éprouvé dans plus de
300 000+ conteneurs.
Opérationnel sur
7 continents
Plus de 170+
produits different
Certifié ISO 9001
pour le Proliner and l’installation du Proliner


SAR International was created due to the current climate of the import and export industry. Born in Chile, Mr Gonzalo Andaur, through his perseverance and research decided that he wanted to create a solution to the current issues with in the import and export field.

Mr. Gonzalo Andaur and his father Mr. Salomón Andaur who also works within the industry noticed that there was a lack of attention when it comes to the quality of cargo when it arrives at the final destination, after exploring these issues they started to manufacture products that protect and preserve cargo during transit. fr

As of today, SAR International is operational in 5 continents and can now be proud to call themselves the leading suppliers of thermal blanket technology in the industry. fr


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